September 5-19, 2023

LLM Hackathon

Build with leaders in LLM technology

  • LangChain
  • LlamaIndex
  • AssemblyAI
  • Weaviate
  • Clarifai

About the hackathon


  • Inventive


  • Error-Free


  • Public GitHub Repository

    Public GitHub Repository

  • Hosted on Community Cloud

    Hosted on Community Cloud

  • Tools Used

    Tools Used

  • LLM Pain Points

    LLM Pain Points

So. Many. Prizes.

  • Sweatshirt <br>from Langchain

    from Langchain

  • Apple Airpods (3rd gen)<br>from LlamaIndex

    Apple Airpods (3rd gen)
    from LlamaIndex

  • Premium Yeti Microphone<br>from AssemblyAI

    Premium Yeti Microphone
    from AssemblyAI

  • Keydous NJ80 wireless keyboard<br>from Weaviate

    Keydous NJ80 wireless keyboard
    from Weaviate

  • $170 credits + swag pack<br>from Clarifiai

    $170 credits + swag pack
    from Clarifiai

  • All winners get<br>a Streamlit backpack

    All winners get
    a Streamlit backpack

Resources to get started

Check out example LLM apps

Thank you for participating!

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