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Streamlit Cloud

Empower your
data team

With Streamlit Cloud your data team can directly serve the needs of the rest of the company. Quickly go from data to app, from prototype to production. Share apps in one click and collaborate instantly with live code updates.

Choose the package that's right for you

Build apps for yourself or your whole company. You make the apps and we'll handle the containers, authentication, scaling, security and everything else!

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Everything you need to build awesome data apps.

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The place for individual developers to start for free.

  1. 1 private app

  2. 3 workspace users

  3. Unlimited public apps!

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Increase productivity across your data team.

  1. 10 private apps

  2. 20 workspace users

  3. Viewer Auth + Private sharing

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Organization wide security, support and scaling.

  1. Custom workspaces and packages

  2. SAML + SSO

  3. Enterprise Support with SLAs

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Everything you need

  • Deploy in one click

    Your fully hosted app is ready to share in under a minute.

  • Keep your code in your repo

    No changes to your development process. Code stays on GitHub.

  • Live updates

    Your apps update instantly when you push code changes.

  • Securely connect to data

    Connect to all your data sources using secure protocols.

  • Restrict access to apps

    Authenticate viewers with OAuth or Single Sign-On.

  • Easily manage your apps

    View, collaborate, and manage all your apps in a single place.

  • Best-in-industry security

    Network security, encryption in transit and at rest, and more.

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Ridiculously easy

  • 1. Sign in with Github or SSO

  • 2. Pick a repo, branch, and file

  • 3. Click Deploy!

    Then any time you do a git push
    your app will update immediately.

Now check our docs to learn what more you can do

How organizations use Streamlit Cloud

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Free forever

Free forever

Free 30 day trial

Free evaluation period


All the widgets, layouts, themes, visualizations you need to build awesome apps.

Build and share apps with the world. Great for students, open-source projects, and anyone looking to test out Streamlit.

A workspace for your data team to effortlessly build and share data apps with your stakeholders.

Securely share apps with your entire company with scaling and support packages that fit your company’s needs.


Workspace users


up to 20

Flexible packages

Private apps


up to 10

Flexible packages

Public apps




Resources per app



Configurable to your needs


One-click deploy

GitHub integration

GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps integration

(coming soon)

Secure data connections

Live updates

Download logs


Developer workspaces

Viewer workspaces

Link sharing

Custom subdomains

(coming soon)

(coming soon)

Custom URLs

(coming soon)

Custom company portals

(coming soon)

Security & administration

Permission by domain


Advanced permissions

(Coming soon)

Advanced security controls

(Coming soon)

Guaranted SLAs


Priority support

Email support

Direct support channel

Integration and onboarding support

Dedicated success manager

Ability to work with an app specialist

Custom contract & invoicing

Access new features early

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you support source code providers beyond GitHub?
  • What happens if my app hits resource limits?
  • Is there special any pricing for students, universities, or non-profits?
  • I'm a student, university, or non-profit. How can I get more resources?
  • Can I self-host my app?