Community Cloud

Deploy, manage, and share your apps with the world,
directly from Streamlit — all for free.

Ridiculously easy

  • 1. Sign in with Github or SSO

  • 2. Pick a repo, branch, and file

  • 3. Click Deploy!

    Then any time you do a git push
    your app will update immediately.

Now check our docs to learn what more you can do


Everything you need

  • Deploy in one click

    Deploy in one click

    Your fully hosted app is ready to share in under a minute.

  • Keep your code in your repo

    Keep your code in your repo

    No changes to your development process. Code stays on GitHub.

  • Live updates

    Live updates

    Your apps update instantly when you push code changes.

  • Securely connect to data

    Securely connect to data

    Connect to all your data sources using secure protocols.

  • Restrict access to apps

    Restrict access to apps

    Authenticate viewers with per-app viewer allow-lists.

  • Easily manage your apps

    Easily manage your apps

    View, collaborate, and manage all your apps in a single place.

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