Streamlit Creators are community members who have set themselves apart — be it for helping other users, for deploying inspiring apps, for developing magical components, or all of the above. Creators get direct access to Streamlit developers, to the latest betas and prototypes, to internal roadmap conversations and, more importantly, they get swag.

These are their stories.

Ashish Shukla

Ashish is a well-rounded community member, giving Streamlit presentations, actively participating in different betas, and is super responsive in answering questions that come up in the community. He's also the creator of the Bokeh component.

Charly Wargnier

Charly actively engages in different media platforms and is always looking to help introduce Streamlit to new individuals. His apps cover valuable use cases (including a ton of stuff on SEO!), and always have great design that we aspire towards.

Christian Klose

Christian is the creator of the very popular Agraph component and tutorial — as well as an active member of the Streamlit forum and community. He's always coming up with new ideas for fun apps!

Fanilo Andrianasolo

Fanilo has helped grow the community through partaking in closed betas, giving Meetups, creating components, authoring in-depths tutorials, and providing helpful assistance to community members.

Jesse Agbemabiase

Jesse is a YouTube content creator who has helped numerous community members with over 40 videos about Streamlit! His channel is inspiring and always gives new insights on what to do with Streamlit.

Johannes Rieke

Johannes is the creator of the viral Year on GitHub and Traingenerator apps and a lot of other cool projects. He continually inspires many within the community and has introduced Streamlit to many outside of it!

José Manuel Nápoles

José is an amazing beta tester for the community and created the 3D molecular viewer component. He is interested in the scientific and educational side of Streamlit, and loves graphs!


Synode continually lends a helping hand to different community members, and has created numerous Streamlit components — including the popular Pandas Profiling and Ace components.

Tyler Richards

Tyler is one of the original beta testers of Streamlit sharing, the creator of the Goodreads app and author of the first Streamlit sharing tutorial! He currently works as a Data Scientist for Facebook Integrity.