AbdulMajed (1littlecoder)

AbdulMajed has created numerous Streamlit tutorials on his 1littlecoder Youtube channel that help people transform their Python scripts into useful web apps. His videos are great at explaining and demonstrating how to use new features! He’s been a long time Streamlit advocate and continues to share his enthusiasm for Streamlit with others.

Andrej Baranovskij

Andrej spent the last 15 years coding with Java, Python and JavaScript, building various enterprise systems with Oracle. His primary work focus relates to ML solutions development and he’s using Streamlit to build a UI for his new ML product. He also shares technical Python and Streamlit tutorials on his YouTube channel.

Arvid Teichtmann (Franky)

Franky is an engineer and works as an embedded software developer in the medical industry. A big Python fan, he programs almost all his side projects or hobby projects in Python. He’s a great helper to the Streamlit community—answering questions, helping with debugging, and raising PRs. One of his favorite things about Streamlit is the ability to display data in a fast and appealing way!

Arvindra Sehmi

Arvindra has been an active participant on the forum, answering questions and sharing his project Streamlit Next.js Component, Auth0 Authentication, Bi-Directional Messaging & Serverless APIs.

Benedict Neo

Benedict is a U.S. senior in Stats & Comp Sci and loves technical writing and building things with code. His latest project, ClassGPT, is a Streamlit app built with ChatGPT API to ask questions on class lectures.

Ceyda Cinarel

Ceyda is an AI researcher, focusing on Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. She has created several impressive Streamlit apps, including an app incorporating the Common Voice Dataset.

Avratanu Biswas

Avra is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the field of biophysics at the Biological Research Center, Hungary, and Vrije University, The Netherlands. He's been an open-source enthusiast and aims to integrate Streamlit with his academic research. A recent contribution, ‘SciLit’, is used for scientific literature queries and analytics. Avra's active in the Streamlit community, helping members with his YouTube tutorials and engagement on social platforms.

Christian Klose

Christian is the creator of the very popular Agraph component and tutorial — as well as an active member of the Streamlit forum and community. He's always coming up with new ideas for fun apps!

Dave Lin

Dave is a seasoned tech professional who has scaled products at Yext, Apple, Amazon, and most recently Hookit—a sports sponsorship analytics company powered by Snowflake. Dave's always pushing the boundaries of what's possible with Streamlit and his latest app, GPT Lab, lets you interact with and create AI assistants!

Debbie Matthews

Debbie loves math, cats, and generally anything in or around STEM fields. She’s been an invaluable resource on the Streamlit community forum, answering multitudes of questions and helping people troubleshoot.

Fanilo Andrianasolo

Fanilo has helped grow the community through partaking in closed betas, giving Meetups, creating components, authoring in-depth tutorials, and providing helpful assistance to community members. He also creates videos on his YouTube channel covering everything from Streamlit how-tos, community apps, new releases and features.

Gerard Bentley

Gerard is a software developer currently working with financial models and Python automation at a mortgage company. His interests include researching computer vision for retro video games, studying the impact of machine learning and teaching high school students at AI Camp. Gerard is active in the community and inspires others with his creative apps.

Harald Husum

Harald works as a machine learning engineer, specializing in time series analysis. He enjoys making data analysis and modeling accessible for end users with little prior data science experience through web-based tools. Harald has been instrumental in contributing numerous type annotations to the Streamlit repo.

Indraneel Chakraborty

Indraneel is a developer currently working in the biomedical data software industry. His work includes building data web apps and pipelines along with engineering highly scalable compute infrastructure on the cloud. He’s a big Streamlit advocate in his field and is passionate about data driven technical solutions and DevOps.

Jesse Agbemabiase

Jesse is a YouTube content creator who has helped numerous community members with over 40 videos about Streamlit! His channel is inspiring and always gives new insights on what to do with Streamlit.

Joris de Jong

Joris is a Bachelor's student based in the Netherlands who's passionate about building great Streamlit apps with LLMs and AI. From his Twitter series '7 days of LangChain' to creatively mixing LangChain with Streamlit in 'LangChain Unchained'—Joris turns tech into fun, easy-to-digest projects.

Qiusheng Wu

Qiusheng is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He has developed several open-source packages for interactive mapping and geospatial analysis (e.g., geemap, leafmap). These packages have gained over 6,500 GitHub stars and he's also the creator of the viral Streamlit-Geospatial app.

Kaarthik Andavar

Kaarthik, an analytics engineer at Laybuy, is known for his work on the innovative open-source projects snowChat and snowBrain. Using technologies like OpenAI, he's making SQL queries and app creation simpler and more intuitive with Streamlit!

Lisa Hornung

Lisa is a Data Insights Lead at Vivacity Labs in London, where she works on smart cities development. She’s passionate about data for good and has previously helped charities such as NCVO make the most of data science. Recently, she’s been integrating her passions, including data visualization, into Streamlit apps.

Maciej Obarski

Maciej is a Senior Data Scientist at TVN Discovery Polska, with a love for open-source software and tabletop games. He enjoys using Streamlit to turn his ideas into interactive, shareable experiences. Some great apps he's made include Ask My PDF, a question-answering system using OpenAI's API, and Tandem, a top-down story building system inspired by Dramatron.

Miguel Guerrero

Miguel is a social entrepreneur and data professional, with significant experience as a teacher, project manager and management consultant. He strives to create a better world, and founded Saturdays.AI, a program for learning AI while building social impact projects. He’s also made multiple awesome Streamlit apps.

Mısra Turp

Mısra is a data scientist, technical content creator, and works as a developer advocate at AssemblyAI. She supports beginner data scientists through her platform “So you want to be a data scientist?” and has helped many discover and learn about Streamlit with her awesome YouTube tutorials. Her mission is to make machine learning, deep learning and AI topics feel understandable and approachable.

José Manuel Nápoles

José is an amazing beta tester for the community and created the 3D molecular viewer component. He is interested in the scientific and educational side of Streamlit, and loves graphs!

Pablo Fonseca

Pablo is the creator of Streamlit-AgGrid, a popular Streamlit component used by many developers. He currently manages energy portfolios from renewable power plants. The Ag-Grid component was Pablo’s first GitHub repo to reach 100 stars.

Peter Wang

Peter is an NYC-based builder obsessed with AI. He has created AI courses, several AI-generated image projects, and a personal newsletter called "The Money Printer." Peter has also developed noteworthy LLM apps using Streamlit, including apps that can query Github and AI research papers on Arxiv!

Ricardo de Arruda

Ricardo is a talented young data engineer at Allium, who spends his nights developing impressive Streamlit data apps like the financial analytics tool Analyzooor. With a background in building trading systems and data analytics for hedge funds, he also founded Manual do Vestibulando, a platform that supports thousands of Brazilian students with university entrance exams.

Robin Cole

Robin has created a ton of cool things and integrations that he continually shares on the forum and is always willing to give a helpful hand to other community members. Another fun fact is Robin joined the forum on October 6th 2019—6 days after the open source launch!

Sebastián Ayala Ruano

Sebastian is a motivated researcher and freelance data scientist, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Systems Biology at the Maastricht University, the Netherlands. His studies include research on network science and machine learning for drug discovery. He’s an open source and open science enthusiast and uses Streamlit daily in his work.

Shawn Pereira

Shawn is a self-taught web development enthusiast, fascinated by ongoing developments in programming. At work, he almost exclusively uses Streamlit for various clinical trial development projects, several of which are in active use. At play, he reads, writes, and contributes to the Streamlit forum whenever possible.

Shruti Agarwal

Shruti is a passionate and curious learner who enjoys contributing to open source. She’s a self-taught Python programmer currently learning and building ML projects using Python & Streamlit. Aside from creating her own projects, Shruti loves to champion others in the community and has even started a blog showcasing awesome apps and components.

Dorian Oukil

Dorian continually lends a helping hand to different community members, and has created numerous Streamlit components — including the popular Pandas Profiling and Ace components.

Sebastian Flores

Sebastian works as a chief data officer leading teams of data scientists and engineers. In his spare time, he loves to code in Python. He created the streamlit_book library for making interactive books and presentations with Streamlit. He's made several apps with a focus on interactivity for teaching and education.

William Mattingly

William has a PhD in medieval history and designs Streamlit apps for digital humanities projects. His YouTube channel, Python Tutorials for Digital Humanities, goes over building apps with Streamlit and natural language processing. He’s also written a textbook introducing Python to humanists which includes a section on designing apps with Streamlit.

Yuichiro Tachibana (Tsuchiya)

Yuichiro has a passion for web development, machine learning and computer vision. He also loves creating innovative real-time video/audio web apps. The creator of several components (including the popular streamlit-webrtc), he provides regular support on the forum to help users.