Now with sharing.

Deploy, manage, and share your apps with the world, directly from Streamlit — all for free.
How it Works

Ridiculously easy

  • 1. Sign in with Github

  • 2. Pick a repo, branch, and file

  • 3. Click Deploy!

    Then any time you do a git push
    your app will update immediately.

Now check our docs to learn what more you can do

Something for Everyone

We've got you covered

  • Is your app open source?

    1. Is it on Github?
    2. Do you want to share it with the world?
    3. Do you like easy?
    4. Do you like free?

    Share it with Streamlit.

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  • Is your app private?

    1. Do you want role-based access control?
    2. Do you want access to private data sources?
    3. Do you like making the IT folks happy?
    4. Do you like saving money?

    Share it with Streamlit for Teams (in beta).

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Looking for more?

You seem like the thorough kind. Then you’ll love our blog post on sharing.