September 5-19, 2023

LLM Hackathon

Submission are now closed. Thank you for participating!

Streamlit has become the go-to platform for creating LLM-based apps. With over 12,000 (and growing!) apps, this community is creating new possibilities with large language models. Let’s push the envelope!

Build with leaders in LLM technology

  • LangChain
  • LlamaIndex
  • AssemblyAI
  • Weaviate
  • Clarifai

About the hackathon

Build an innovative LLM-based Streamlit app that incorporates at least one of the following LLM technologies:

  • LangChain
  • AssemblyAI
  • Weaviate
  • LlamaIndex
  • Clarifai

There are five “Most Innovative Use” prize categories, one for each partner listed above. In each category, there will be two lucky app winners. You can submit your app alone, or as a team of two.

Winners will be announced by October 5.

Join the #llm-hackathon channel on Discord to get inspiration, ask questions, and participate in mini-giveaways. Representatives from all partners will be available to guide you as you build your LLM-based apps.


  • Inventive


    Your app offers new features not found in other Streamlit apps. The more unique, the better.

  • Error-Free


    Your app doesn’t produce any errors during testing.

  • Public GitHub Repository

    Public GitHub Repository

    Your app’s source code is public—using secrets management to protect your API keys and credentials.

  • Hosted on Community Cloud

    Hosted on Community Cloud

    Your app must be publicly accessible on Streamlit's Community Cloud.

  • Tools Used

    Tools Used

    Your app uses at least one partner: LangChain, LlamaIndex, Weaviate, AssemblyAI, or Clarifai.

  • LLM Pain Points

    LLM Pain Points

    You’ll get bonus points if your app addresses common LLM pain points like transparency, trust, accuracy, privacy, cost reduction, or ethics.

So. Many. Prizes.

Two winning apps in each “Most Innovative Use” category will win special swag from our partners.

The first 250 apps will receive a pair of Streamlit socks!

Resources to get started

Join the #llm-hackathon channel on Discord to get inspiration, ask questions, and participate in mini-giveaways.

Check out example LLM apps

Thank you for participating!

Submissions are now closed. Join the Streamlit Discord for updates on the next hackathon and to stay connected with the community.

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