Developer Advocate

Streamlit is a community-focused, open-source tool that helps engineers create beautiful, bespoke machine learning apps. We want to build a vibrant community where we actively listen to, engage with, and are influenced by our users. Come help build and manage our community of developers so that we can build a better Streamlit together!

What you’ll be doing

  • Crafting new Streamlit apps that show off how and why to use Streamlit
  • Working with users to craft and deploy their own apps
  • Writing great documentation, tutorials, and blogs
  • Enabling and supporting developers across Streamlit’s community platforms
  • Triaging, replicating and prioritizing bugs and feature requests from users
  • Product-managing new user features including writing specs, prioritizing with eng, testing with users, soliciting feedback, and tracking rollout
  • Disseminating feedback and metrics from community groups across the company
  • Participating in external events including hackathons and conferences
  • Developing course content for Streamlit’s academic partners and supporting those partners throughout rollout
  • Working actively with product, engineering and marketing to make the overall Streamlit experience better

What you bring

  • Expertise in supporting and growing developer communities
  • Experience writing tutorials, guides, API docs, sample apps
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skillz
  • A love of juggling multiple tasks, wearing many hats, and organizing various efforts
  • You’re a seasoned Pythonista

Level up bonus points

  • You have worked with open-source communities before
  • You’re already active in multiple online ML communities
  • You have used different tools and dev environments for data science / ML, such as iPython, Jupyter, RStudio, Shiny, Plotly, and Tensorboard
  • Experience with Docker, deploying servers, or frontend/backend development. These are helpful when communicating with users

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