Backend Architect

Development tools must be blazingly fast and ultra-dependable. Come help us build a new type of development infrastructure that a whole class of developers will rely on every day.

What you’ll be doing

  • Designing our SaaS platform from the ground up. The Streamlit SaaS platform will be able to host, run, and manage ML code written and deployed by customers. Must have strong guarantees for availability, performance, and latency.
  • Working with the team to build and deliver the platform on an aggressive schedule
  • Working with the team to set up, optimize, and maintain our cloud infrastructure
  • Leading other engineers on technical designs
  • Using Streamlit and/or interacting with users, gathering insight, and bringing new ideas to the table on how to improve the product

What you bring

  • Proven expertise in designing, launching, and/or maintaining large-scale server deployments
  • You have experience using Docker, Github, and AWS technologies including EC2, S3, and CloudFormation (or equivalent)
  • You have experience working in a large team and/or in a large codebase
  • You’re a master at the modern suite of engineering tools, like CircleCI and Github
  • Bachelor’s in CS, Engineering or related field or equivalent training / work experience

Level up bonus points

  • You know some Frontend too — you have experience with functional, imperative, and reactive programming in React, Javascript, and Typescript.
  • You know some Machine Learning / Data Science too — you are comfortable using machine learning libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow, SciPy, and OpenCV.

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