Backend Engineer

Development tools must be blazingly fast and ultra-dependable. Come help us build a new type of development infrastructure that a whole class of developers will rely on every day.

What you’ll be doing

  • Working with the team to design and build a new latency-sensitive web service from the ground up
  • Working with the team to set up, optimize, and maintain our cloud infrastructure
  • Collaborating with other engineers on technical designs
  • Using Streamlit and interacting with users, gathering insight, and bringing new ideas to the table on how to improve the product

What you bring

  • You excel at writing Python servers and/or libraries
  • You’ve dealt with large-scale server deployments using Docker, Github, Apache Arrow, and/or various AWS technologies including EC2, S3, and CloudFormation
  • You have experience working in a team and/or in a large codebase
  • You’re a master at the modern suite of engineering tools, like CircleCI and Github
  • Bachelor’s in CS, Engineering or related field or equivalent training / work experience

Level up bonus points

  • You know some Frontend too — you have experience with functional, imperative, and reactive programming in React, Javascript, and Typescript.
  • You know some Machine Learning / Data Science too — you are comfortable using machine learning libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, PyTorch, Keras, Tensorflow, SciPy, and OpenCV.

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