Fair Billing policy

Streamlit makes it easy to build and share apps with your team. Based on the Streamlit Cloud package you've selected, you'll have a workspace set up for a certain number of users. Users can either be developers or app users. Developers have the ability to build, deploy, manage, and edit apps within their workspace. App users get their own personal dashboard of all of the apps that they have been invited to use, and are able to interact with apps through the dashboard. Only active users will count towards your workspace, and we'll let you know if you reach a point where you need to move to a larger workspace.

How you're billed for users

On paid plans, you’re billed for the users that are actively using your workspace. Usage is defined as having logged into the workspace, viewed an app, or contributed code to an app within the past 30 days.

Adding users to your account

To add users, you can simply add them as viewers to an app or you can invite them as a developer. They will only count towards your workspace if they accept the invite and log in.

Increasing your workspace size

If you need more user accounts, just contact your customer representative and they will help you move to a larger workspace. Don't worry if you accidentally go over the number of user seats in a given month. We know you're moving quickly and so we we won't limit your app access. We'll just send you a note to talk about whether the workspace increase is permanent, and if so, we'll help move you to a larger space.

How inactive or deactivated users impact billing

If a user has not been active within 30 days, we will consider them inactive and they will not count towards the total for your workspace. If they become active again, then they will be counted as active in the workspace.

How public apps impact billing

If you have an app that is available to the public i.e. not locked down with a password or SSO, then any user viewing that app will not count to your workspace total. Only users private to your company — ones that have access to your workspace — count towards your total.

When you'll see credit card charges

You'll see the first credit card charge from Streamlit on the day you purchase a paid plan. Here are some other times you'll see charges:

  • On your monthly renewal date if you pay monthly.
  • On your annual renewal date if you pay annually.